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The PWR of Resilience, a 501(C)(3) Non-Profit

Become a Mentor|Start a Chapter



Are you interested in becoming a Grl-Pwr mentor and starting a new chapter?  Becoming a mentor is very rewarding work sure to lead to smiles and laughter as you guide young girls through our program.  We never know whose life we may be changing!  The mentor’s role is an important one and we won’t let just anyone can become a Grl-Pwr mentor. Below are instructions on how you can bring the GRL-PWR program to your College or University. 


How will a Campus start a GRL-PWR Chapter?

  1. Participate in GRL-PWR Training
  2. Become Acquainted with Curriculum*
  3. Successfully Complete Mentor Training Test
  4. Adopt GRL-PWR Chapter Bylaws and Constitution

What is required of a GRL-PWR Chapter

  1. The chapter must be a Registered Student Organization at the College/University
  2. The chapter must remain true to the GRL-PWR Mission and Goals (Submit a summary each year of programs)
  3. The Chapter must be able to sustain itself financially
  4. The chapter must pay Girl-Power Foundation, Inc. for training materials, curriculum, and any marketing material
  5. All programs must have a focus on the GRL-PWR Curriculum


* Our Grl-Pwr curriculum is designed to teach elementary school aged girls the importance of building a strong self-esteem, setting goals to achieve, and and serving others.  The curriculum outlines our step by step process and we recommend that it be taught at least twice a month over a 9 month period. Each lesson outlined in the curriculum is followed by an activity to ensure that the GRL PWR girls understand its importance.


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