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The PWR of Resilience, a 501(C)(3) Non-Profit

Our Story

Publication1The Grl-Pwr story began with Bria Toussaint and Royal Phillips, two teenagers whose lives were fraught with obstacles and life altering situations.  As young girls we struggled to overcome life’s challenges, including poor self-image, poverty, constant transition, and divorce.  We witnessed domestic violence and even lost a parent to a selfish murder.

Statistics have shown that facing such challenges may contribute to young females engaging in destructive behavior such as eating disorders, self-violence or result in underage pregnancy.  We were fortunate enough to grow up around strong female role models who have taught us the power of resilience.  It was this power that helped us combat life’s negative instances and avoid adding further challenges to our lives.

We created Grl-Pwr to offer young girls strong role models similar to what we had while were growing up.  We want to give girls the tools they need to be confident and successful and avoid the pitfalls statistics suggest should befall them.  We understand that all girls, regardless of background, are vulnerable to self-esteem issues, and it is our mission to help girls learn how to love themselves,

Our curriculum, camps, and Grl-Pwr meetings are designed to build self esteem, set goals to achieve, and learn how great it feels to give back.  We’ve included various lessons and activities all centered around building future strong female role models.

Grl-Pwr is more than an after-school activity.  It is a 501c3 non-profit and a movement spreading across the nation, creating positive role models that will help every young find the “Pwr” inside herself.

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