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The PWR of Resilience, a 501(C)(3) Non-Profit

What is Grl-Pwr?

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The Girl-Power Foundation  (GRL-PWR) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to empowering young girls by providing them with strong female role models and guiding them through a 34-day curriculum focused on building a strong self-esteem, setting goals to achieve and serving others.

The GRL-PWR Mission is to prevent girls from becoming statistics by giving them the tools they need to feel confident and become successful. GRL-PWR believes that all girls, regardless of background, are vulnerable to self-esteem issues, and it is their mission to help girls learn how to love themselves and be strong enough to overcome all of life’s obstacles.

The GRL-PWR story began with Bria Toussaint and Royal Phillips, two teenagers whose lives were fraught with obstacles and life altering situations.  As young girls, Bria and Royal struggled to overcome life’s challenges, including poor self-image, poverty, constant transition, and divorce.  In 2009, Bria and Royal experienced their “last straw” when Phillips witnessed her father physically abuse her younger sister and Toussaint lost her father to a selfish murder.

Statistics have shown that facing such challenges may contribute to young females engaging in destructive behavior such as eating disorders, self-littlegirlpotviolence or result in underage pregnancy.  Bria Toussaint and Royal Phillips were fortunate enough to grow up with strong positive female role models who taught them the power of resilience.  It was this power that helped them combat life’s negative obstacles and allowed them to become successful. GRL-PWR began as a way for Bria and Royal to offer young girls the same positivity and be the same strong female role models to other young girls that they had when they were growing up.

The GRL-PWR chapters are currently focused on elementary school-aged girls and offer both an empowerment after-school program and week-long summer camps. GRL-PWR also offers mentor training programs for girls interested in starting their own chapter of GRL-PWR. GRL-PWR has partnered with The Youth Quest Foundation and is currently a Registered Student Organization at Spelman College GRL-PWR is more than an after-school activity.

All GRL-PWR girls sign our Grl-Pwr Contract that asks girls to promise 31 items such as to: “Think Positive”, “Be Nice to Others”, “Achieve my Goals”, “Not Be Afraid to Stand Up for Myself”, “Be Nice to Myself”, “Respect My Elders”, and of course our motto to, “Be Resilient.”


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