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The PWR of Resilience, a 501(C)(3) Non-Profit

Who Can Join?


Grl-Pwr is open to all young girls who want to become strong, confident and at peace with themselves.

Each Grl-Pwr girl must promise to sign our Grl-Pwr Contract agreeing that asks girls to promise 31 items such as to: “Think Positive”, “Be Nice to Others”, “Achieve my Goals”, “Not Be Afraid to Stand Up For Myself”, “Be Nice to Myself”, “Respect My Elders”, and of course, “Be Resilient.”  Camps meet for one week and Grl-Pwr classes are usually held twice a month for 9 months.

Right now our program is focused on elementary school-aged girls with the intent to develop a middle school program soon.

All Grl-Pwr chapters must have an approved mentor acting as guide.

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